C# .NET Development

Dear customer, you have been expected!

A C# .NET Developer at your service.

I started programming computers at the age of 13 in BASIC, later in the Z80 assembler. Transitioning from these languages to C, C++, JAVA and finally to C#, I am here today at your service: a programmer with many years of experience.

What I can do

  • Development in C# and the .NET Framework
  • SQL-type databases (MySQL, SQLite)
  • PHP
  • WordPress
  • Java / Android development (limited knowledge)
  • C/C++ (limited knowledge)

Please find my commercial as well as hobby projects below.

Projects accomplished

Bohemicus (C#)

Bohemicus is my commercial project, developed in C# / Android Java, especially for translators and writers to help them to work more effectively. For more in-depth info, please check: https://bohemicus-software.cz

Main technologies used in this project:

  • C# + Win32 routines for the main code
  • Android Java for the Android supplementary application (speech-to-text functionality)
  • 32feet.NET for the Bluetooth functionality
  • SQLite3 database engine for the translation memories, joblist, settings, and sales records
  • PHP + MySQL for the web activation routines, customer records
  • PayPal integration
  • CefSharp – an embedded webbrowser for C#, used for online dictionary search, and help texts
  • Google Translation API, DeepL, MyMemory, ModernMT machine translation engines
  • WordPress to design and maintain the Bohemicus website

Challenges faced during this project:

Please watch the spoken presentation of Bohemicus below:

Sinclairivo.Net (C#)

This is a project I created to learn the C# language. It’s a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator. This version is for C# and the .NET framework. Emulates the good old 8bit computer. There is no sound support.

Tetris 3D (C#)

This is the famous Tetris game, now featured in 3D. I created this project in order to understand programming with C# and the OpenGL graphics library.

Pexeso (C#)

A simple game popular in the Czech Republic. Find two identical cards! Designed for 2 players and made as an exercise in C# programming at the University of South Bohemia.

Computer Vision – visual recognition of static hand gestures (C++ and the OpenCV library)

This is a relatively simple project that uses a web camera to detect user’s hand gestures and show a description of what kind of gesture the user made. Part of my university Bachelor’s thesis.

SoundTracker (JAVA)

A simple sound tracker in JAVA to compose music. An exercise in JAVA/MIDI programming.

Textik (x86 assembler)

An exercise in x86 assembler programming. A simple text editor to edit text files.

Slovnik (x86 assembler)

This is a dictionary project created in x86 assembler. Made as an exercise in assembler programming.

ZXTree, a disk manager for the ZX Spectrum (Didaktik M) and the D80 disk drive (Zilog Z80 assembler)

English-Czech dictionary for Didaktik M (a ZX Spectrum clone) and the D80 disk drive (Zilog Z80 assembler)