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A translator with a degree in IT - your perfect choice for software localization!

In this section, you will find my university IT programming projects. As you can see I have fairly thorough understanding of how to create software and how to use related software technologies. This, therefore, makes me perfect for your software localization projects!

I have fair knowledge of JAVA, C#, C++, Prolog, and x86/ZilogZ80 assembler as well as related technologies such as SQL, OpenGL. My favoured development tool is Visual Studio and NetBeans.



Computer Vision - Visual Recognition of Static Hand Gestures

Download My Bachelor's Thesis in PDF 

This project was part of my Bachelor's diploma thesis - a relatively simple project that used a web camera to detect user's hand gestures and show a description of what kind of gesture the user made.

Visual Studio 2008 must be installed on your system in order for the program to work correctly. The Microsoft Visual Studio Redistributable package, for some reason, is not enough. Moreover, the OpenCV library must be installed on your system. A camera must aso be attached to your system in a standard way and a camera driver must be installed. 

Program operation
Start the program and let the software "learn" the background. While doing so, make sure you are outside the camera's visual field. After that, you can just sit in front of the computer/camera and place you hand into the red rectangle. Try using various gestures as described in the orange window. The software starts recognizing the gestures and provides feedback. Hint: If the contours get chaotic, step away from the camera field and press SPACE to re-learn the background. Also be careful with lighting - if the lighting intensity changes, the program delivers very chaotic results. It's best to launch the program in a closed room with artificial and stable lighting. 

I used the OpenCV library, as made by Intel's researchers. My program is written in a procedural language - C++. As for the actual recognition, the 7 Hu moments are used, actually, I used only 3 of them, since this was enough to recognize the individual gestures. I was also considering using an artificial neural network, but that proved unnecessary since the required Hu moments can be found empirically. 



This is a Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator made in JAVA. The program allows you to launch software originally designed for a small home computer. ZX Spectrum used to be a very popular computer in Great Britain as well as in many other countries. Though designed in 1982, the computer was still being used in the 1990s! This emulator does not support sound. This has been my biggest project sofar.



A program designed for music composition. Allows the user to compose up to 4 channel MIDI music and store them collectively as a .mid file so that it can be played in conventional players like WinAmp or MS Windows Media Player. I created this program in order to understand how to write MIDI software.




Program pro převod anglických rovných uvozovek ("xxx") na typograficky správné české uvozovky („xxx“).

A utility program to convert US type quotation marks (" ") to Czech quot. marks („ “) in real time. This program runs in the background so you can use it with any type of text editor, CAT or web form.

This program is useful for users of the Czech language only.

You can download a trial version here.

Plná verze k dispozici za 49,- Kč platbou na PayPal účet:

Program jsem schopen na vyžádání upravit podle vašich požadavků - např. rychlé bezproblémové vkládání dalších speciálních znaků, např. česká dlouhá pomlčka „–“, rychlé zadávání speciálních znaků (@#$%...) klávesovou zkratkou apod...



A Sinclair ZX Spectrum emulator. This version is for C# and the .NET framework. Emulates the good old 8bit computer. There is no sound support.



C# / OpenGL

Tetris 3D

This is the famous Tetris game, now featured in 3D. I created this project in order to understand programming with the OpenGL graphics library.





Linguistico .NET Mobile

A dictionary application designed for mobile devices. Supports translations between several languages, namely English, German, Spanish, French and Czech. It has only been tested in an emulator, although it can be run on conventional PCs as well.







A simple game popular in the Czech Republic. Find two identical cards! Designed for 2 players and made as an exercise in C# programming at the University of South Bohemia.


Let's Talk!

A communication program. Allows communication between two computers. Write messages on one and receive them in another. Make sure you adjust your firewall before using this program. Made as a university project.





A simple text editor made as an exercise in x86 assembler programming.




A simple dictionary application. Translates from English into Czech. Made as an exercise in x86 assembler programming.


Zilog Z80 ASSEMBLER (ZX Spectrum)


A quite sophisticated disk manager for ZX Spectrum (or the Didaktik M Czech clone) and the D80 disk drive. Unlike the underlying MDos system, the program was able to create a tree directory structure on the floppy disk as known from modern computers, which was a major achievement indeed.

This was an exercise in Zilog Z80 assembler programming.

English - Czech Dictionary

A simple dictionary application. Translates from English into Czech. Made as an exercise in Zilog Z80 assembler programming.
This program used a primitive IM2 multitasking to enable the user to scroll through the individual entries quickly (proportional fonts took a lot of time to display).

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ContactMgr. et Bc. Jan Kapoun 

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Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / Applied Informatics, Master's degree in Linguistics

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Partly available (approx. 1000 words/day)

I am busy for most of the time.

However, feel free to send me your request. 

I am sure we can find a suitable deadline for both of us.

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