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ContactMgr. et Bc. Jan Kapoun 

phone: +420775601385

skype: yankapoun

Bachelor's degree in Computer Science / Applied Informatics, Master's degree in Linguistics

See my software projects at:



Partly available (approx. 1000 words/day)

I am busy for most of the time.

However, feel free to send me your request. 

I am sure we can find a suitable deadline for both of us.

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Recent jobs:

  • NavFree, GSP navigation, software strings, 2600 words, EN-CZ
  • Colfax, company conduct code, 9500 words, EN-CZ
  • Western Digital, cloud services user guide, 7000 words, EN-CZ, 
  • Canon, printer user guide, 22500 words, EN-CZ
  • Microsoft PhoneFactor, UI localization, 22500 words, EN-CZ
  • GE - 5500 words, company FAQs, EN-CZ
  • Kampf Schneid- und Wickeltechnik GmbH & Co. KG - 9339 words, technical documentation, DE - CZ
  • Telefónica,  3726 words, marketing texts, EN-CZ
  • Canon, 5000 words, camera user manual, EN-CZ
  • Microsoft, 25000 words, technical documentation, EN-CZ
  • Doosan, 5000 words, company user training, EN-CZ
  • Trumpf, 5772 words, laser machines, technical documentation, DE - CZ
  • Mouser, small updates, proofreading